Social Circumstances and its Connection to Personal Growth

social circumstances

5 minutes reviewed by Amadou barrow The way we socialize can be influenced by our personal growth. Personal growth is a concept connected to hedonic and eudaimonic wellbeing: it includes enjoyable experiences, positive effects in the here and now, and a focus on development and fulfilment. Personal growth, in the work context, is associated with two ideas: […]

The Value of Healthy Friendships for Your Wellbeing

5 minutes reviewed by juliana ascolani As human beings, we can have our moments of insecurity and self-doubt. When we are immersed in a difficult situation or we need to make a difficult decision, we normally seek support through our friendships; advice or a second opinion make us feel more secure about the decisions we make. Friendships […]

How to Address Feelings of Loneliness to Boost Your Wellbeing


6 minutes Feelings of loneliness can be emotionally painful and can lead to depression and a fear of missing out. However, things such as meditation, an active lifestyle, and life communication can really help our overall social communication.

Social Health: A Holistic Perspective

People depicting healthy and holistic social health

6 minutes reviewed by juliana ascolani Personal, professional, and community relationships determine our social health, and when we feel supported, our behaviors, productivity, self-confidence, and social intelligence can improve and provide benefits for our overall wellness. SolaVieve is dedicated to making a difference in your overall health and wellbeing by helping you discover and maintain a healthy […]